CompTIA A+ Certification: Perks to Enjoy

If IT is the dream industry for you, the CompTIA A+ certification is the tool that can help you to conquer the world. Designed to impart best-of-breed knowledge on the subject matter, this certification is equipped with every resource that a qualified IT professional requires.

Higher pay packages, better career opportunities, and stable growth are some of the evident advantages of any IT certification. Author: Carson Q But, CompTIA A+ goes the extra mile when it comes to endowing the benefits to the certification-holder.

Here are some of the exceptional perks that only a CompTIA A+ is entitled to enjoy:

You become an asset for everyone

Indeed, CompTIA is not the only vendor that offers IT-related certifications for beginners. Cisco and Microsoft are also in the queue, but their certifications are vendor-specific, while CompTIA’s are vendor-neutral. This widens your career opportunities to work with various technologies and not with only one. Author: Melanie R

When you earn your CompTIA A+ certification, companies of all sorts will vouch for your skills, as this badge teaches you to be a problem-solver from the start.

Sadly, this is not the case with Cisco and Microsoft certifications. You’ll be valued only where the products of these service providers are in use. Your scope will be limited to the technology you are going to work with. While with the CompTIA A+ credential, the whole world is your oyster. Author: Jace S


Opportunity to aim at more job roles

Earning the CompTIA A+ certification makes you eligible for a myriad of job roles. Thus, being A+ certified,you get a chance to work as a Data Support Technician, End User Computing Technician, End User Computing Technician, Technical Support Specialist, Service Desk Analyst to name a few. To add more, you can become a member of such worldly recognized companies as Intel, Hp, Dell, Nissan, and RICOH.

So, your scope is not at all limited. Author: Aubree T Working in any of these job roles makes a core team member in your company.

Better hold over skills

When it comes to skills, there is hardly any other IT certification that can replace CompTIA A+. You’ll become an expert in networking, security, software troubleshooting, virtualization, cloud computing, Author: Justin U and possess some other fundamental IT skills.

The best part is that you not only get the conjectural understanding, but you also come to a connoisseur of practical knowledge over those skills. It’s because of the pattern of exams. Some of the questions in 220-1001 and 220-1002 assessments are performance-based.

Such question types testify your ability to implement your learning in the real-world. So, once you pass the exams and make CompTIA A+ all yours, companies know that you have what all it takes.

It’s a pocket-friendly way to earn in-demand skills

It may seem hard to believe but the truth is earning the CompTIA A+ certification costs less than earning acomputer-science degree. Passing the A+ exams will cost you $438 while a computer science degree according to website would be somewhere $15,501 pocket-heavy. Author: Piper V The difference is remarkable.

And above that, IT is one industry where practical knowledge is more important than conjectural knowledge. A computer science degree will never teach you the key concepts of IT like CompTIA A+.

Final words

CompTIA A+ the gold standard of IT certification and earning it would bring you a number of perks to enjoy. Though it’s an entry-level certification, it can help you launch your career in prestigious companies, become a real asset there and earn about $61,694 annually according to Payscale website. With it, you can start your career journey soon after you finish your school. It’s indeed the best bet.

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