Diese bizarre britische Giftgeschichte hat eine frappante Ähnlichkeit mit einer Sezene aus "Alice im Wunderland" von Lewis Carroll. 

Von Viribus Unitis

However, Lewis Carroll war wohl auch ein Prophet und Seher, ein Erleuchteter, der in die Zukunft sah, damals, als er 1865 sein Kinderbuch "Alice im Wunderland" schrieb.

Ein Ausschnitt daraus (Origianaltext um Verfälschungen zu vermeiden):

The white Rabbit hastily jumped up from his seat. "With your Majesty's permission," he said, " there is still evidence. One document has just been found.


– What's in it? the Queen asked. –

I have not read it yet, – said the White Rabbit, but, in my opinion, this letter from the accused to someone… …

– Of course, someone said the King. – I don't think he wrote a letter to anyone. This is not usually done. –

§ Who was it for? -one of the jurors asked.

– No – replied the White Rabbit. – In any case, nothing is written on the back. With these words he opened the letter and added: – It's not even a letter, and poetry. –

§ The defendant's handwriting? asked another of the jurymen.

"No," replied the White Rabbit. – And that's more suspicious.

§ (The jury got confused.)

Means, forged handwriting, said the King.

§ (The jury all looked puzzled.)

"With your Majesty's permission," said the Jack, " I have not written this letter, and they will not prove it. There's no signature.

"The worse," said the King. "Means you have something bad planned, and not signed up to, as all honest people. Everyone applauded: for the first time in a day, the King said something really clever.

– That proves his guilt, ' said the Queen. – Cut him.… … –

Let the jury decide guilty or not, ' said the King, for the twentieth time that day.

– No! – said the Queen. – The idea of having the sentence! But guilty or not – then he will understand! –

Nonsense! – said Alice aloud. – How the idea can come! – Silent! – said Alice. I don't think so, ' replied Alice.

'Behead that Dormouse! – the Queen shouted at the voice.

No one moved from their seats. – Who are you? – said Alice. (She had grown to her full size.) You're just a deck of cards!