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Approximately 60,000 official documents from Saudi Arabia were gotten on the servers of Wikileaks. On this past Monday, the dictatorship of Saudi Arabia "celebrated" the 100th beheading of this year! The documents that were sent to WikiLeaks are mostly written in Arabic. According to WikiLeaks, numerous journalists and editors are “brought” from the regime via bribes with money and therefore silenced.

By Christian Saarländer and Victoria Parker

Contra Magazine reported this allegation and discovery of such bribery during February. The silencing of the media by the Saudis was evident in the US documents with respect to the death of King Abdullah. The latest publications of WikiLeaks are original documents from the desert state, one can probably categorize these documents as "top secret.”  They provide further evidence regarding bids and figures that underpin the criticism of the dictatorship.


These documents are equivalent to the "Syria-Files" documents that are in Arabic. So it can be assumed that the documents were first sighted by WikiLeaks staff. With over half a million documents of text material one will have traded a mammoth project.

They has identified the fact that the desert state has it in for the media – worldwide. In that regard, it is no surprise now that among others, the Western media turns a blind eye when it comes to human rights violations in Saudi Arabia, while continuously attacking Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and persecuting Russia.

Of course, the numerous human rights violations that take place everyday in the “Desert State” are not a new discussion in the media.

Saudi Arabia is said to have held multiple journos and media persons alive if they did not publish nor harshly criticize the current dictatorship. Money determines much of what is allowed to be published and discussed particulary in regimes such as the one in Saudi Arabia.   

Saudi Arabia once again found itself in the headlines after the outbreak of violence and the alleged coup in Yemen. Additional information can be gotten from Wikileaks Section 1 A.

Special thanks above to the team led and developed by WikiLeaks, which has worked diligently to obtain these documents, translate them, and distribute the information from their contents. Additionally, a warm thank you is sent to the people who pass the documents on to WikiLeaks.

The investigative journalist Julian Assange views the publication, which covers inter alia on the 100th anniversary of German unification, as a chance to help uncover the atrocities put forth by the Saudi regime and maybe will foment the collapse of the Saudi state. Additionally, the publication shows that not only is the regime in Saudi Arabia tyrannical but it also shows that it too could succumb to the fate of the Yemeni government. One should evaluate and peruse the mainstream media publications on such subjects for contrast. WikiLeaks has delivered a voice that is offering another perspective to that of Washington DC. 

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    • nein, wir wollen auch in anderen Sprachen Leser erreichen, geht das ok für dich? Und was den Artikel betrifft, die Meinung des Autors muss nicht mit der Meinung der Redaktion übereinstimmen, sonst sind wir dort wo auch der Mainstream ist, nämlich der Chefredakteur schafft an und alle schreiben was ihm genehm ist. so solls ja nicht sein. (aek)


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